Day Visitors

Visit for the day

Ample shade and facilities

Come spend the day on our lush green grass which hosts a variety of entertainment for the whole family.

Unpack your vehicle, throw out some blankets and start a fire in one of our many fireplaces. There are multiple cement tables scattered all along the grass areas. We have one large Olympic size swimming pool with a diving board and a kiddie slide. In the shade, we have 3 children’s sized pools which vary in depth. All facilities are designed around relaxation.

Make sure to take a relaxing splash in the river adjacent to the resort.
There are full sized trampolines situated next to the camping sites.
On the resort is a Cafe stocking all the basic necessities, from chocolates, cooldrinks and ice-creams to inflatable toys and braai grids.
The Cafe’ is also fitted with an ATM.
The resort also has a bar with pool tables and big screen TV’s so you can watch all the major sporting events.

De Hollandsche Molen Grass Area

Please note the following:

No Taxis/Mini Busses allowed
No Busses allowed
No drop-off and go allowed
No shuttle services allowed

Limited space for day visitors during high season. The number of visitors allowed into the resort will be at the discretion of management.  Visitor numbers are limited due to safety and security reasons.

The day-visitor rates are as follows:

Children 0 – 2 years do not pay

3 – 10 years old : R 80 per person

11 years and older (adults) all pay R150 per person for the day.

There is no charge for the vehicle to enter the resort.

For more information please feel free to contact us on:
Tel: 021 867 0160